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Sustainable Engineering Services

Sustainable Engineering design is an essential element of our integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to engineering. Yeaton Associates, Inc. has been at the forefront of this movement, utilizing “green” building design where feasible from both design and fiscal perspectives. We help our clients achieve maximum system efficiencies while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible, balancing function and environmental responsibility in a practical, cost-effective manner. From natural lighting to alternative energy systems, Yeaton Associates, Inc. recognizes the synergies that exist in an integrated and environmentally focused design approach.

Our sustainable engineering services include:

  • Sustainable Design Integration and LEED® Certified Designs
  • Sustainable Development and LEED® Consulting
  • Energy Conservation Analysis
  • Energy Modeling and Life-Cycle Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Facility Assessment, Sustainable Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies & Investigations
  • Energy Audits & Retrofits
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Energy Code Compliance Forms
  • Alternate Energy System Designs (Geothermal, Biomass, Solar)
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Rain Water Reclamation Systems
  • Photovoltaic Design
  • Cogeneration